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Energy costs are rising every day and squeezing our rural customers more and more. That's why we've started pushing natural gas systems as an alternative.


Many advances have been made in natural gas production in recent years, and it is now cleaner, cheaper, and better for your home and the environment. Get expert installation or conversion services from Bell Liquefied Gas Co. when you call today and it will pay for itself in no time.


With over 75 years in the business, we've been installing natural gas systems for years so you can trust us absolutely when it comes to converting your existing system. We also install natural gas in residential or commercial areas as well.


Everything propane does

Every great product that we offer with our propane installation, we also offer with natural gas. Most of your existing appliances will work perfectly without any extra effort or cost to you. All it doesn't do is cost an arm and a leg.


Flexible heating and air conditioning

Run the heat and the A/C when you want. With safe, clean, and efficient natural gas, you'll be able to maintain the temperatures in the house that you have always wanted to. Call now and we'll give you a FREE estimate for your conversion.


Stay safe and comfortable

Don't worry about running out of fuel in the dead of winter and having to stay with your parents or a neighbor. Rest easy with a lower energy bill every month. Plus, you can get a programmable thermostat installed at the same time to lower your costs even further.

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Save money, save wear on your house, and stay safe.


What can natural gas do?